Compact Covers For Your Spa


The Autosave spa and swim spa cover offers the same safety and energy-saving benefits as a full-size automatic pool cover with a more compact mechanical system. Designed for space-restricted installations, the Autosave safety cover can be used on new and existing spas, swim spas, and small pools.
  • The compact motor and mechanism reduce the space required for an automatic cover system
  • Can be used for in-ground and above-ground spas, swim spas, and small pools
  • Convenient access and security at the touch of a button
The spa cover reduces water and heat evaporation and is convenient for daily use on your spa, swim spa, or small pool. It works particularly well for indoor swim spas to replace the need for expensive dehumidification equipment.
To access your spa, simply turn a key or use your keypad and the Autosave spa cover retracts to reveal inviting water—no need to struggle with any cumbersome covers. When you're finished using the spa, you can cover it just as easily.
Cover-Pools offers many options for pool cover installations — whether your pool is new or existing, rectangular or freeform, concrete or vinyl-liner or fiberglass. Our unique component track accessories make it possible for your pool to benefit from a Cover-Pools pool cover.

Underside™ track

Underside track is installed under the pool coping or in the pool wall. It offers a stylish way to fully integrate a Cover-Pools pool cover system into your new pool and deck. The track is concealed beneath the coping or in the pool wall for a seamless look. Track channel and coping for vinyl-liner pools are other variations that incorporate Underside track to guide the cover.

Universal track

New and existing pools of virtually any shape or construction can be covered using Universal, Snaptop Universal, or recessed track. You simply need enough deck room to run the low-profile tracks parallel to one another on opposite sides of the pool.

Universal track is installed on top of the deck surface. Recessed track provides the option of installing the track flush in the surface of the deck.